Saturday, May 23, 2009

here are some boards from "OPTIMISTIC ILLUSTIONS OF A FOOL" ( The original cut)

These boards are like a hybrid mix of pencil and Cintiq. I guess thats what happens when you don't plan things out well and you change your story a million times. Anyway I wanted to add some gray tones in the boards so I didn't have to think about lighting and stuff later on. I ended up finishing some of the boards completely by Cintiq when I made changes.I'm not gonna post the whole story but heres about half...

Heres a few BG Teasers. Once again BG asistance by Mr. Jason Boech. Check out his Blog damnit. I'll post more BG stuff later.


  1. Wow Joshua, the new stuff looks awesome. Send me a link when you finish that film!

  2. Hi Josh! I like the backgrounds and overall atmosphere

  3. Great work you got here... the three just above, I'm in awe!